About Us

Clear Systems Ltd is closing down due to retirement and will cease trading on 31st October 2019 – more information here.

We at Clear Systems recommend post-relational and multi-value databases based on the highly efficient Pick model. There are a number of implementations, including UniVerse (our preferred option) as well as UniData, jBase, RealityX, D3, Open QM and MV-Base. These are used in a wide range of applications for the business environment.

Bringing Pick to the modern era there’s Pick Cloud – Cloud Computing for Pick/Multi-Value.

For more information just go to our page about Pick.

Clear Systems have been developing and supporting systems based on the Pick model since 1984 and are well experienced since before then in the application of the Pick model to practical business needs. Pick is now known under many names, in several “flavours”, and, while we prefer UniVerse, we have experience of most of them and can advise on the best implementation for specific applications.

We now specialise in Time and Attendance systems and Data Collection equipment, hence our motto “People and Data at Work”.